About Us

About Us

The American Society of Podiatric Executives (ASPE) is an organization of podiatry executive directors dedicated to working on behalf of the medical and surgical specialists of the foot and ankle via Education, Advocacy and Governance.


Membership in ASPE shall be open to executive directors or their designated representative of component societies, certifying boards and groups recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Membership shall be open to the Executive Director of the APMA or a designated representative. The grant of membership to qualified applicants shall be made by a majority vote of the current members of ASPE who are present and voting.

2024-2025  ASPE Officers


Dan Kline - New York


Marit M. Sivertson, JD - Minnesota


Derek Dalling - Michigan


Russell J. Stoner, CAE - FPMB

Past President

Amanda Soelle - Wisconsin